New Music for Early 2019

Here's a quick and dirty post on the bands that I've discovered so far in 2019. To have discovered all of these in January alone feels like quite a feat!

Camp Cope is loud, aggressive, and articulate. My favorite lyric: "If I was hungry then you were starving. And he was so sick but you were dying." An ode to narcissism.

boygenuis is earnest and beautiful. I categoically don't like folk music -- boygenious approaches folk, but (at least for me) elegantly sidesteps the genre in the nick of time. My favorite lyric: "We had a great day. Even though we forgot to eat."

Billie Eilish is super interesting. Her music (and videos) are mesmerizing and unique. At first I had the urge to dismiss her as trying too hard -- the deeper I got, the more I realized that she deserved to be taken seriously. There may be something pretty special here. My favorite lyric: "If teardrops could be bottled. There'd be swimming pools filled by models."

Seoul makes you feel like you're floating. I discovered them walking through the awesome lobby of the Hudson Hotel in New York -- it was quite the combo.

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