If I ever did take up daily journaling, it would probably using a tool like this. Simple and elegant.


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Awesomely chill music to work to.

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New Hayden James Album

I had no idea this was coming, and now it's both out and amazing!

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It feels weird to say that... I think I found a Michael Bay movie that kinda looks great.

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Live-Action "Spirited Away"

Please let this be awesome.

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AnonyMouse Squeeze Miniatures

Though I have no skill for it, and have never actually tried it, I think I would love doing little else with my life than building miniatures. These are beautiful.

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Rediscovered Playlists

About ten years ago, I built a series of digital mix tapes, which consisted of anelectic group of songs from different artists. Each playlist had a theme, but not one that I could articulate -- the themes were more in mood and spirit than anything else. I loved these playlists, but lost them many moons ago when I switched away from my beloved Lala (RIP).

I've recently rediscovered a Google Doc where I (for some awesome yet unknown reason) wrote down each playlist's name and tracks. I've since added them to my current streaming music vendor (Spotify). I share them now with you below. I hope to keep creating these playlists going forward -- I'm oddly proud of them.

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Week in Review: 4/4 through 4/10

Below is a quick pictorial summary of my past week.

Jeannie and Brighton being silly in bed one night.

Casper going down the slide by himself for the first time.

Casper fast asleep in his bed.

Me, Brighton, and Casper eating dinner in the backyard.

Brighton and I building our epic lego set.

Casper loves both his car and smiling for the camera.

Brighton very excited about her new butterfly toy.

Brighton, Jeannie, and I watching Jumanji: The Next Level in the backyard by the fire.

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The Unravelling of Stéphane Bourgoin

Here's a great New Yorker piece on a once famous and now infamous French true crime writer -- Stéphane Bourgoin -- who spent virtually all of his career inventing experiences and details which he presented as facts. The article describes how he was eventually exposed by a group of amateur Facebook sleuths.

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Monthly Health Summary: March 2022

Below is a visual summary of my health metrics for March -- the summary is comprised of a series of exports/screenshots from various apps that I use.

For context, on March 14th I started a pretty intense new dieting regieme: 20 hours of fasting with a max of 40 carbs per day.

Summary of My Fasting Performance by Week:

Fasting Log by Day:

Weight Loss Graph:

Sleep Averages:

Exercise Summary:

Overall I lost 10.4 pounds in 18 days, I started exercising again, I got back into fasting, and my sleep wasn't terrible. Success!

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Marcel The Shell With Shoes On

This is surely too precious and charming to make it as a full-length feature film, but... Marcel, I'm rooting for you!

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Tokyo Vice

Michael Mann has never again matched "The Insider" (my favorite film of all-time), but he's definitely won the right to get my attention on anything he does for the rest of his career. Next up for Mann: Tokyo Vice.

I got 20 seconds into the trailer before I realized that I once started (but then never finished) the book that this series is based on.

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Week in Review: 3/28 through 4/3

Below is a quick pictorial summary of my past week.

For the first time ever we drove through the new tunnel on Memorial Drive.

Jeannie and I on our date night, eating dinner at Riel in Montrose.

Me in class at Rice (where I'm getting my MBA) -- this is where I sit for about 10 hours every other Friday and Saturday.

I started a new book this week: The Interestings.

And me reading my new book outside during our lunch break at Rice.

My favorite ever picture of Brighton and Casper at the Houston Zoo.


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Rain Szeto Prints

These are stunning. Available for purchase here.

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Awesome Robots

These robots are awesome and available for sale.

I also love their shirts and hoodies.

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New Judd Apatow Book

I just ordered and am excited about this book.

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Coppola Talks about His Career Defining Films

"What we consider real art is a movie that does not have a safety net."

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Remind Me Faster

A much faster way to input tasks into iOS' native (and now pretty awesome!) Reminders app.

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Dear Pandemic

It's hard to find non-sensational, fact-driven-but-not-too-technical COVID-19 info. After a quick glance, Dear Pandemic appears to offer exactly what I'm looking for.

Example: Their breakdown of when we'll get shots-in-arm vaccines is the best that I've read.

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Day of the Tentacle on macOS

I can't wait to play DOTT with daughter on macOS.

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Big Heads

I forsee a future where I find a way to use this awesome avatar generator in a work presentation.

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Homebound Charachters

These Felicia Chiao pieces are special.

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OG Selfies

I guess they didn't have to apply the sepia filter before uploading.

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Ornate Balconies Sit Empty

These are haunting and surreal.

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A super interesting and much improved method of video conferencing yourself and your content. I could see this taking off in a big way.

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