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Week 26 of 2020

Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood

I watched it. Don't get me wrong -- I loved every minute and I'll re-watch it many times. On the other hand, I think it stops short of being a really special film. I think I'm saying that because of the ending. It just feels like you only get to use the revisionst history device once, and I think this is the third time now that Tarantino has used it. I loved the device in Inglourious Basterds, but seeing it again here feels... Cheap? Tired? Obvious? It's such a clever and cool idea that it just feels...not-quite-right to keep using it. Meh, whatever. I'm already kinda excited to watch this movie over again.

New Music Dry Spell

Aside from Phoebe Bridgers' new album Punisher -- which is pretty rad -- I can't find anything new worth listening to lately. I hate the feeling of trying to find new music that gets you excited and not being able to.

Pixel Art + Urban City Images = ❤️

I could stare at these pieces/videos from artist waneella for surprisingly long portions of my day.

A Fictitious Kids’ Schoolbook, Illustrated

I have no idea what this project is or where it will go, but these drawings are beautiful and special.



Straight to Spam

This site auto-generates text that -- if invisibly and stealthy appended to an email you're about to send -- will almost guarantee that the email gets trapped by the recieipent's spam filter. Great for emails you must send but don't want to actually be recieved. Here's the generated text:

#1 $$$ 100% Act now Action Additional income Affordable All natural/new Amazed Apply now Avoid Be amazed/your own boss Beneficiary Billing Billion Bonus Boss Buy Call!!!!!! free/now Cancel Cash Casino Certified Cheap Click here Clearance Collect Compare rates Congratulations Credit card/check/offers Cures Deal Dear friend/somebody Debt Discount!!!!!! Direct email Don't delete/hesitate Double your income/cash Earn Extra Expire Fantastic Free!!!!! access/money/gift Freedom Friend Get it now/started/paid Great Guarantee Hello Income Increase sales/traffic Instant Investment Junk Limited Lose Lowest price Luxury Make $/money???? Medicine Money Name!!!!!!! No credit check/experience Now Obligation Offer Only Open Order now Please Presently Problem Promise Purchase Quote Rates Refinance Refund Remove Request Risk-free Sales Satisfaction!!!!!! Save Score Serious Spam Success Supplies Take action Terms Traffic Trial Unlimited Urgent!!!!! Weight While supplies last Win Winner XJS*C4JDBQADN1.NSBN3*2IDNEN*GTUBE-STANDARD-ANTI-UBE-TEST-EMAIL*C.34X

Epic Model Railway and Miniature Airport

If I were a billionaire, I would likely spend far too much of my time and money building something similar to this Miniatur Wunderland. This is beautiful.

Social Distancing Gym Pods

This is actually happening.


Actually Helpful COVID-19 Facts

As opposed to most things I read on this topic, I found the following three quotes from epidemiologist Michael Osterholm informative on understanding the way the virus spreads.

On surfaces:

I don't worry about food. I don't worry about newsprint. I don't worry about packages I get here. I don't worry about doorknobs and railings any more than I would during the regular cold season. [That's not] what's going to be the major challenge with this virus. ... It's the air that we share with each other that is critical. That's why distancing is so important.

On air flow:

Right now, we have to understand that the single greatest risk factor we have for transmitting this virus is largely indoor air, where we're in large crowds, where we are sharing that air with the people right around us.

On exposure time:

I think people often think of transmission with this virus almost like tag: I get close to somebody who's infected — "Tag! You're now it." It's not at all. It is time related. We're working on this, and it may be that you need many minutes to be in an environment where this virus is in the air and you need to inhale it in, and the amount of breathing that you do at a certain level before you get infected, it's not just a yes or no. It's a threshold.

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